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Truvant accelerates your business across every stage of the product delivery value chain. From supply chain and manufacturing strategy to package design and development to production and packaging operations, we work closely with your team to deliver high-quality, flexible, efficient, and sustainable contract manufacturing and packaging solutions. As a strategic partner to the world’s greatest brands, we have the scale and reach that make us a true leader in the manufacturing and contract packaging industry. We help those brands get their products to market in the most efficient and effective way by focusing on mutual value creation, holistic cost management, innovation, best-in-class customer service, operational excellence, quality, and brand protection — all combined with a highly flexible and intensely customer-focused approach to doing business. Why partner with Truvant? Collaborative Approach Truvant is intensely focused on its customers and mutual value creation. We utilize a highly collaborative approach and partner with our customers to find the best locations, processes, automation, package design, and materials suppliers worldwide to get your product to market in the most efficient and effective way possible. Flexible Solutions We produce and package products in our shared use facilities strategically located around the world or in the manufacturing plants or distribution centers of our customers. Reduced Complexity Consumer, channel, retailer, internal, and regulatory demands continue to increase complexity for brands. We can design, develop, and operate the supply chain, the production line, the process, even the package itself and manage it all for you so you can focus on what you do best. Improved Efficiency We are experts at reducing operating costs and improving sustainability by driving out waste, reducing the number of touches, automating processes, eliminating transportation, increasing speed to market, improving sustainability and generally making your supply chain more efficient. Scale & Reach Our 6,000+ employees provide the depth of talent and the capacity necessary to take on the most challenging projects. Broad Capabilities We offer turnkey contract manufacturing solutions for food and liquid products as well as primary and secondary packaging, display assembly and fulfillment, e-commerce packaging and order fulfillment services.

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