PTG Lohnabfüllung GmbH

60 Years of experience

PTG Lohnabfüllung GmbH offers over 60 years of experience in co-packing and co-filling.

With our modern and versatile machinery fleet comprising over 80 packaging machines, we can offer the widest range of packaging solutions:
– fill volumes from approx. 1g to 2kg
– from pilot production through to millions
– filling and packing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical products, food, food supplements, pet food, home care, etc.
– different packaging:

• all types of sachets (3- and 4-side-sealed-bags, duo-sachets, triple sachets, magazine sachets)
• single wipes (non-woven) in sachets
• stickpacks, pillow/tubular bags, satchel bags, flowpacks, chained bags
• stabilo seal bags
• Bag in Box
• stand-up pouches
• re-closable bags (sachets and doypacks with zipper)
• re-fill bags (doypacks with spout)
• blisters and thermoformed replicas (as snap-off or peel packs)
• composite membrane cans with metal or paper bottom
• Metal- and plastic cans, cups and jars, bottles and vials (also vials on card)

PTG Group offers also all kinds of manual packing, re-packing, re-work and control; e.g. displays assembling, gift sets, incl. labelling, shrinking, sleeving, wrapping in cellophane, etc.


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Timo Dornberg

Elisabeth-Selbert-Straße 4, 63110 Rodgau, Germany

+49 (0) 6106 26745-0


Contact us

⚇ Contact name: Timo Dornberg

⚐ Elisabeth-Selbert-Straße 4, 63110 Rodgau, Germany

✆ Call us: +49 (0) 6106 26745-0

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Chemical / Agrochemical
Cosmetics / Toiletries
DIY / Horticulture
Household / Automotive
Pet Care / Veterinary
Pharmaceutical / Medical

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IFS Food
ISO 13485 Medical Devices
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