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Packing your brand with care

Proderma AG is a contract packer specialised in the filling and packaging of solid, liquid or powder products in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry as well as for technical products. Whether you are a start-up with your first project, a multinational requiring annual production, a factory whose own production tool has reached saturation level or are planning a limited edition or a marketing campaign, we are your suitable partner. Proderma offers a comprehensive range of services and supports customers from the initial design to the dispatch of the packed ready-to-use end product. The company sees one of its success factors in offering a full-service solution to its customers. Upon customer request, Proderma provides support from the very beginning of a project. Due to its wide range of suppliers and partners, we can help to choose the right packaging material for the product but also the production process. We also offer to take care of the planning, ordering and logistics of the materials needed.

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