PAKONAP as a logistic company deals with packing loose products and powders, pouring and filling liquid products as well as foil laminating and co-packing of products entrusted us by the customer.

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We accept orders without minimal quantities defined. Making best use of our professional experience, we treat every customer and their needs individually to ensure mutually advantageous cooperation. Loose materials packing Highly modernized packing machines provide both good efficiency and precision in loose materials packing. Loose materials, granulated products and powders are mainly packed into water-soluble foil, traditional polypropylene foil and synthetic blotting paper. Packing liquid materials Liquid materials pouring is done by means of the latest filling machines. Any kind of shampoos, conditioners, gels, glues, perfume samples, oils or other based on water products, can be packed into bottles, jars, sachets and other containers. What is more, all the products packed by us, are labeled and dated. The unit of product filling capacity is given and available from 2 ml up to 500 ml.

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