Meitron GmbH
47906 Kempen, Germany

We do toll blending and co-packing of foods.

Meitron was founded in 1996 by the dairy technician Thomas Meierhans and is located 30 minutes from Düsseldorf and the Dutch border. With a total of 25 workers, we produce the finest blends and fill them into all kinds of packaging. The smallest pack is a 5g sachet and the biggest a 24 ton silo truck. We pack into pillow bags, tins, buckets, bottles, bags and anything you want us to fill. We blend and pack powders and liquids.

Meitron fulfills! We offer you all our support and experience. You are invited to visit our plant and bring your product and idea. We will find the right production process – including blending, spraying, sieving, dissolving, instantizing – and the right packaging. We have a well-established network with packaging producers for every purpose. In summary, we work for more than 100 international customers and pack 10,000 metric tons per year.

Meitron delivers quality and tailor-made products. Every step is monitored by our quality management. Meitron is DIN ISO 22.000 and HACCP certified. Furthermore, we are Organic (Bio) certified and we produce Kosher and Halal products on our site.

We are ready for your challenge! Give us a call or an email and we will sort it out for you.

Meitron GmbH

Contact us

Ingo Meierhans

Arnoldstraße 66a, 47906 Kempen, Germany

+49 21 52 55 83 67

Meitron GmbH

Contact us

⚇ Contact name: Ingo Meierhans

⚐ Arnoldstraße 66a, 47906 Kempen, Germany

✆ Call us: +49 21 52 55 83 67

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Certified Organic
FSSC 22000