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Food Blending offers food companies worldwide a wide range of services: from recipe development to purchasing, mixing, breaking and sieving, to packing and repacking, storage and distribution of powders and/or granulates, as well as liquids or combinations of these. Equipped with several (modern) ultra-hygienic mixing and packing lines, all located in a brand new / state of the art production site. The risk of contamination with allergens during a production process can not be underestimated. Food Blending responds to this need and has a complete allergen-free production zone and allergen-free warehouse. Of course Food Blending has a certified quality system according to BRC and Organic standards. The company recently achieved BRC level AA. Kosher and Halal productions are also one of the possibilities. The Development Centre is a new asset that is entirely at the service of customers. Food companies can develop recipes and processes at the Food Blending development centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The team of specialised food technologists has gained the necessary know-how in various food segments.

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