FIPROS Nutrition ApS

Blending and packing of dairy powder products

The Danish company FIPROS Nutrition offers a brand new, state of the art processing site for the blending and packing of dairy powder products, including conventional and organic stage 1 to 3 infant, toddler, family, and other nutritional milk-based powders. FIPROS Nutrition is a daughter company of FIPROS A/S, a contract manufacturing partner for high quality food processing solutions and offers its customers from all over the world the newest equipment, a digitalized production system, maximum food safety, and an outstanding hygiene concept. The production set-up is designed for maximum flexibility with regards to niche products and production volumes, with a minimum order quantity of only 2 tons. This makes it possible to service customers with large-scale productions as well as medium and small sized producers, who are looking to expand into new markets or launch new products. Just like its mother company FIPROS A/S, FIPROS Nutrition does not market any own products or brands and does not engage in product development, thus guaranteeing a hundred percent confidentiality regarding recipes and product features.

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