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CDLC Group offers co-packing and co-manufacturing services for the B2B and Retail industry. With an agile and versatile machine park, the company can offer almost any packaging request and format.

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CDLC Group is the trading name of Crème de la Cream Company and Zaanstad Co-Packers. CDLC Group has some 40 years of co-packing and co-manufacturing experience. It started as an international trading house. In the 90s, in addition to the production and packaging of coffee creamer, packing of new products groups such as cereals, sweeteners and new instants was initiated. In addition, CDLC Group acquired a co-packer in Zaandam in 1998, which meant expansion of the total capacity. Today, the company operates the entire production under one roof. It has mixing, grinding and blending capacities, packages a wide range of lemonade syrups, has a glutenfree healthy snack production facility and a large range of efficient cartoning and pouch/doypacking machines. The companies’ business model consists of co-packing and co-manufacturing services. Customers can choose the service that suit them best. The company helps the customers choose sustainable packaging and ingredients through its large network of packaging and raw material suppliers. New products are developed as brands, private label as well as the companies’ own brands continuously. The product development focus is on healthy, nutritious foods. At this time around 250 different articles are produced.

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