Interview: How Contract Packers Ensure Food Safety Standards
30 March 2021

Published on Food Safety Exchange platform

ECPA interview Food safety Exchange

Hannover, Germany. 29th March 2021: A new video interview published by Food Safety Exchange (FSX) ( examines the “best in class” service that contract packers play in upholding food safety values in the food manufacturing sector, adhering to a wide range of national and regional safety laws, often with frequent changeovers between products and requirements. 

The video interview is with Ton Knipscheer, Board Member of the European Co-Packers Association (EPCA). It examines the part that contract packers play in the food packaging sector, how they uphold food safety values, how they are regulated and what advantages food manufacturers can gain by working with them. Mr Knipscheer formerly held senior roles with the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, and for the last five years has been an independent packaging consultant. Freelance journalist Jenny Eagle asks the questions. She has worked on UK national newspapers, as well as holding recent senior editorship roles in packaging and processing.

In response to a question about how contract packers ensure they uphold food safety values, Mr Knipscheer says: “Food safety is a critical point, especially nowadays with legislation becoming tougher. Most co-packers have been doing this for quite some time now, and they specialise in being flexible, not just running one brand for 30 years. They can have many changeovers per day and sometimes they run longer series, so they have got their whole operation set up based on the food safety legislation that their customers and their markets have. They follow national laws, they follow EU laws, but also follow global laws for products exported outside of Europe. They must abide by all these rules”.

To view the interview on YouTube click here

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