European Market Report 2021
1 October 2021

As presented at Fachpack in 2021 we have published a new version of ECPA’s market report.ECPA Market Survey 2021 promo

After the first edition in 2013, the ECPA report has grown into the leading resource (reference, authority, market study, market report) of Co-Packing in Europe. With increasing participation in 2016 and 2018, ECPA’s 2021 edition is on target to become the most comprehensive market study in Europe.

ECPA has identified in Europe a total of 1000+ co-packers. As a rough estimate, the Co-Packing sector comprises a total workforce of approximately 100,000 people and a market volume of 4 Billion Euros in Europe. And thanks to the community’s flexibility and adaptability, our sector is growing despite the greatest economic depression spurred by Covid.

Strong families equal strong businesses. This is one of the key, yet not surprising, results of our survey that I want to share with you. Co-Packers are strong because of their strong foundation as family businesses: 38% fully own the premises in which they work.

Aside from presenting an excellent set of quantitative data, we are happy to present to you an extreme valuable qualitative data set of 8 interviews with high profile industry experts. To all our experts, ECPA is more than grateful that you share your knowledge with us and our readers.

A special thank you to all who participate the survey and Nulogy for their Sponsorship making this all possible.
Nulogy is a global supply chain solutions provider that offers the world’s foremost software purpose-built for co-packers. The Nulogy platform, deployed in hundreds of co-packing sites around the world, optimizes labour and shop floor efficiency for increased profitability.

Happy reading this Comprehensive Market Report. We are sure that it will give you the best possible insights into the European Co-Packing market.

We sincerely thank all co-packers who have contributed to this survey and making this report possible. Please email to buy the report (€ 550 ex VAT or free for ECPA Members). Previous editions are available for € 100 ex VAT each (also free for Members).

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European Market Report

As presented at our conference in Eindhoven (Spring 2019) we have published a new version of ECPA's market report. The 2018 Market Survey, which was conducted between September 2018 and March 2019, is ECPA’s 3rd report.

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