ECPA’s Autumn Workshop 2018
1 January 2019

We held our first Workshop at the lovely Hotel de Leijhof in Oisterwijk.

Twenty-four people were participating in our interactive sessions, that were aimed to bring people together.

The day was dedicated to our members and their wishes and experiences. ‘ECPA’s World Café’ made this possible and provided everyone with the right tools and atmosphere to discuss ideas for future ECPA projects. During the day we received valuable feedback and gained insight into the co-packers daily challenges.

All of us agreed that ‘sharing information’ within the ECPA network is an essential part in order to benefit from it. It is more than just identifying and filling knowledge gaps. Sharing information and knowledge within the ECPA network is a basis for nurturing a learning culture and constructing a supportive ECPA community. The board members will take the first step towards an open communication – more information will follow.

“Fish bowl”
What is the question that you always wanted to ask your colleague?

One highlight of our workshop has been our ‘Fish bowl’ activity. Our delegates had the chance to ask ‘their’ question and make use of the diversity in ECPA’s network. Receiving various answers from different people within a short time frame was fun and a brilliant way of gathering different perspectives.

ECPA wants to move forward. Therefore we made use of the day and collected “Hot Topics” from the audience. “Hot Topics” were defined as subjects that are relevant for co-packers and that we should tackle in 2019.

Our ‘Topic Tree’ revealed those challenges and will sow the seeds for our next ECPA Conference in May.


Thanks all of you who were attending the ‘Autumn Workshop 2018’ and engaging in such constructive and open exchanges throughout the day.

For those of you who weren’t able to participate, we hope that you will join our next event in 2019 to continue our journey!

Many thanks for your support!

Gordana Schloesser
(Member of the board)

Ingo Meierhans
(Chairman of the board)

Stay on top of the game!

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